The Guardian compares zero hour contract problems to “the collapse of the soviet union”

Guy Standing, professor of economic security at The University of Bath, uses his article in The Guardian to discuss some of the issues surrounding zero hour contracts in comparison to previous historical issues in economic security.

Like many others, Guy views Zero Hour Contracts in a very negative light stating:

“The labour market is in a mess”

He says of the rules and regulations that mean, for workers, they have no right to training and the employer is able to use them as a free commodity that:

“It is eerily reminiscent of what happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when millions of workers were kept on enterprise employment rolls without pay or benefits.”

This sounds like an extreme comparison to a situation that left millions in deprivation and starving however, as Guy explains:

“Zero-hours contracts are not in the same league. But they are part of the insecure underbelly of our society”

This then leads me on to the point that our society really is under immense pressure to change for the better, zero hour contracts seem to have been a failed attempt at this.